Human Trafficking Prevention Month 2024

January's light shines on Human Trafficking Prevention! Learn tips to fight this injustice, support survivors, and find hope with U Visa guidance. #EndHT

U Visa : The Value of Psychological Evaluation in Crime Victim Cases

Learn how a psychological evaluation helps immigrant crime victims qualify for a U visa. Get tips on choosing a qualified psychologist and utilizing their report as key evidence to advance your immigration case.

VAWA Visa for Same-Sex Couples: Importance of Psychological Evaluations

Proving domestic violence without a police report can be challenging, but it's possible. Document incidents, seek medical attention, preserve evidence, gather witness statements, maintain a personal journal, seek professional support, and consult with a specialized attorney. Alternative evidence can be compelling in seeking legal protection and holding the abuser accountable....

How a Psychological Evaluation Can Help Your Asylum Case

Are you seeking asylum in the United States? A psychological evaluation can help you document the effects of persecution or trauma, assess your mental health, and establish your credibility. Learn more about the advantages of psychological evaluations for asylum cases and read two real examples of how they have helped...

VAWA Visas and Toxic Relationships

Discover how VAWA visas serve as a lifeline for survivors of toxic relationships. Learn how these visas empower individuals to break free from abuse and find safety. Explore the benefits and protections offered, and gain insights into navigating the legal process.