Concierge Psychology

“When you’re struggling with deep emotional challenges you want undivided attention and care.
And you want it fast!”

With Concierge Psychology, you are the priority, you are a VIP part of an elite group. VIP/Concierge Psychological services is a personalized, focused, and professional approach. By limiting the offering of this service to just a few individuals, and elite members, we can work deeply with each person’s situation and needs that traditional therapy does not afford. Concierge clients receive unique and personalized care. Our treatments, based on proven techniques, will be customized to your specific situation and needs.

With me, You are very important, you are a VIP!

Our Concierge practice uses a self-pay model to avoid intrusion and information sharing with health insurance companies. This, in turn, allows us to limit the number of active clients and, thus, provide personalized service.

To ensure customized, quality professional care: I limit the number of active clients, I answer all my calls/texts/emails directly (no intermediaries), and I dedicate the time (in session and away from the session) to identify the best approach for you.

Professionalism and Care: These are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, together, they contribute to providing top-notch service and results. Combining proven techniques with a personalized, caring approach will result in an effective treatment geared at addressing your specific needs.

Deep and Insightful: The best way to resolve life and emotional challenges is to go deep and identify the source. This will result in insight that will show the way of your journey. Knowing the root of some unwanted emotional reactions or unhealthy interpretations of events is crucial.

Client-Centered: With insight into the root cause, we can work together in finding the techniques that work best for you. You don’t have to adapt to the techniques, we adapt the techniques to your situation, needs, and style!

Privacy & Confidentiality: Health insurances have automatic access to your records (diagnosis, treatment plan, progress notes, etc.). With our self-pay model, our discussions remain completely between us, with full confidentiality.

Convenience: With Telehealth you can have your session in your “safe place”, with no need to drive or wait in reception. In the comfort and privacy of your home, office, yard, breakfast room, or car…you decide. This also allows for more time flexibility and a better fit for your schedule.

Flexibility: Our self-pay model allows us to serve you better by passing any health insurance requirements or restrictions. With VIP Psychology: No rules other than the Golden Rule: “To serve your needs in the best way – professionally, ethically, and with care”.

Payments Methods: For your convenience, we accept most forms of payments (Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards).

Some Additional Notes on Health Insurance

Common Rules and Limitations Imposed by Health Insurances:

    • Access to your records
    • Many services are not covered (e.g. testing, couples’ therapy, grief, involving family/friends, etc.)
    • Frequency and Number of Sessions
    • Multiple Costs: Deductible, copayment, premium
    • Limited network of effective, experienced professionals
    • Having to establish “Medical Necessity”
Seeking Health Insurance Reimbursement
If your health insurance has out-of-network benefits you can seek reimbursement. Any coverage varies by plan and assumes complying with certain requirements and documentation. As you pay us directly for our services, we can provide a receipt that includes all required information for you to submit for possible reimbursement.

Concierge private practice using a self-pay model to ensure the elite service and results that you deserve. No intermediaries. Just you and I.

    your appointment

    Your treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with every phase promptly implemented.