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    What to look for in an immigration psychological evaluation?

    Psychological evaluations can play a crucial role in some immigration processes that can help prevent the removal of a dear one (Hardship Waiver) or to protect someone who is currently being abused (under VAWA), or while seeking political asylum, or when seeking a waiver on the citizenship examination (N-648). Regardless of which of these...

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    Psychological Issues Related To Immigration

    Immigrants have become a major part of our national landscape. About 40 million or 20% of people living in the USA are a first-or second-generation immigrant. The process of immigration can be very challenging for the immigrant and, at the same time, it is a complex issue. One of the big challenges that an...

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    The Impact of Immigration Psychological Evaluations

    Living with an unresolved immigration status is a nightmare for the individual and for our Country. For the individual, this means living in the “shadows” of society, keeping a low profile, fearing being noticed or identified as an “illegal immigrant”. Even more, it’s the fear of losing the American Dream for them and for...

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    La Salud Mental Y La Cultura Latina Hispana

    Tradicionalmente, en nuestra cultura latina o hispana, los problemas mentales son un estigma. Conceptos como depresión, ansiedad, ADHD, trauma, etc. no son muy comunes. De eso no hablamos. Al contrario, lo tapamos y cualquier problema de esta índole se la achacamos la persona: ¡Sacúdete! Mira a ver cómo le haces, ponte las pilas…todo menos...

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