Depression Therapy

Is Feeling Down and Lonely Keeping You From Living Fully?

Have you suffered from Depression that has kept you feeling stuck and without hope? Do you feel sad, having lost interest or pleasure in many things you liked? Do you have difficulties concentrating, have less energy and initiative, and cry often? Has your eating or sleeping changed, feel bad about yourself? Have you, at times, felt like not wanting to deal with life or your depression anymore? Is feeling isolated, lonely, and hopeless affecting your relationships, career, and your life? Or do you feel that many of these feelings make it difficult for you to remember what “living and being happy” felt like? Have you sometimes even thought of ending it all?

Depression can be the result of having a family history of depression or other emotional problems, or it can be related to situational factors (undergoing significant stressors or challenges). Or maybe you’re facing some medical issues that together with the effects of medication are making you feel depressed. Maybe there has been a major life event (e.g. giving birth) that rather than bringing joy results in post-partum depression. For any of these reasons, your life may have made a turn for the worse and you feel stuck in a depressive cycle of sadness, loss of interest, hopeless, and nothing to help get out of this rut.

Facing these painful feelings may feel monumental and make you doubt about ever being able to break away from this. You’re not alone, I’m here to work together with you, using proven tools that can help you recover your joy and zest for life!

Depression Is Common And It Adversely Affects Your Life Experience

Most people will experience some level of Depression at some point in their lives—regardless of what causes it (negative life situations, family history, metabolic changes after giving birth, or due to some medical or medication reasons). From the loss of a loved one, a difficult life transition, or an adverse personal experience. According to Hope For Depression Research Foundation, one in ten adults will experience depression in a given year and this becomes the leading cause of disability for ages 15-44.

Extremely concerning is that Depression is the primary reason for suicides that occur every 12 minutes. Approximately 70% to 80% of women will experience, at a minimum, the “baby blues”. Many of these women will worsen their blues into a more severe state of post-partum depression (PPD) present among 10% to 20% of new mothers resulting in 1 in 7 women experiencing PPD in the year after giving birth.

There are many possible factors contributing to some individuals being affected by Depression to different degrees. These can range from some genetic predisposition (family history of depression or other mental illnesses), a set of situational stressors, having given birth, or medical conditions and the effect of some medications. In the end, anyone can become vulnerable to Depressive symptoms.

You may be experiencing some level of partial Depression that has not fully developed into a Major Depressive Disorder but still, this can be holding you back: feeling down or sad, having lost interest, low self-esteem, guilt feelings, difficulties functioning (low energy level, fatigue, concentration difficulties), and living isolated. All this might lead often to more dangerous, negative thoughts of not wanting to live or deal with this weight anymore. So regardless of the level of Depressive symptoms that you might be experiencing, even if functioning fairly well, facing and addressing these emotional pains is critical to prevent this pain from becoming too much to bear.

Based on extensive professional experience in both clinical and private office settings, with proper treatment, support, and tools, any person has the ability to take control of their lives and turn their emotions, thoughts, and outlook into a positive direction. Working together, I can help you face and overcome emotional and mental blocks to living with joy and enthusiasm.

Depression Therapy Provides A Way Out Of Pain And Hurt

I provide you with a safe place where you can feel respected and understood—a space where you can relate your challenges, your life story, and experiences, and your unique set of circumstances that may be contributing to such emotional pain and suffering. By discussing your unique situation and understanding your pain and hopelessness we can identify what is contributing to your Depression and, importantly, begin with a treatment that works for you. This way, you can recover your life, your loved ones, and your dreams. You are not a Depressed person, you are a human being who deserves to be happy but is being derailed by overwhelming negative emotions, feelings, and thoughts.

In a place of safety and compassion, we’ll get to know the specifics of your journey through a clinical interview. With this, we can identify what past, current or expected situations are framing your life today. In doing this, we work together in talking about your life but you always have the right to decide and control what you feel comfortable sharing, and participating in how you move forward.

Through this process of understanding your journey, we’ll be able to know how Depression is being experienced and how it is limiting or affecting your life. At the same time, we’ll find proven ways to reduce the symptoms and help you learn how to best cope with some life challenges.

As a human being with a unique journey, I will always work at acknowledging you as a person and will guide you by identifying the best treatment approach and helping you develop protective factors that make sense to you and that are viable.

The best, proven method for treating the different presentations of Depression is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) alone is 50-75% effective for overcoming depression and anxiety after 8-15 sessions.

Medication alone is 50-75% effective. Medication and CBT combined are most effective, with 75-90% of people overcoming mental illness. Except in more severe and extreme cases of Depression, I focus on using CBT as the main process to help you overcome Depressive symptoms. In more severe cases, we discuss and provide specific information on how medication can be of potential help for you to ultimately assess with your specialist if warranted. As part of this process, we target negative beliefs about self and situations and help you gain a healthier interpretation. Also, I help you learn how to intercept and stop negative thinking and instead bring positive thoughts. Part of what I also work with you is in developing a healthier, more positive overall lifestyle that includes positive elements (exercise, positive non-toxic relationships, healthy choices, etc.).

I’ve had the privilege and inspiration of working with victims of Depression from different backgrounds and situations and have helped overcome their pain and hopeless outlook to redirect lives in a positive, joyful, and energized way. Being able to talk about your pain and journey, validating how Depression is distressing your life together with reaching out to get help are the initial steps in finding your way back to joy and fulfillment. By working with a qualified therapist, having the courage to take the first steps in recovering your life, and working together, you can get back to who you truly are: a person with high potential who deserves to live, be happy, and share your happiness and accomplishments with others.



Gathering a bit of effort and just making a call can change your life. I know that Depression takes a toll and makes it difficult to initiate action. However, working with a therapist can help you hit a reset button on your life and start the process of reclaiming your life. The fact that you’re reading this shows a deep hope that recovering your life and leaving Depression behind is possible. All it takes is for you to make a call. Call me and I’ll work side by side with you in overcoming past obstacles and bringing back light to your life.

Let’s Work Together In Lifting The Hurt
Of Depression From Your Life… Live A Better, Happy Future

Learn more about how I work and the approach to treating Depression. Please call me to begin this journey together. I know that Depression weighs and that many details are personal. Because of this, I answer ALL calls to my office directly myself, with no intermediaries or staff. By talking directly with me I can better understand your specific situation, provide some initial hope, and answer any other questions while being able to set an appointment during the same call so you start taking control of your life to lead a life full of joy and hope! 

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