VAWA Petitions: Immigration Evaluations

Certain victims of domestic violence can always be greatly helped with a complete immigration evaluation, giving a better chance of securing immigration status

How to Be More Positive: 7 Ways to Become More Positive

Algunos estudios han demostrado que los optimistas son más felices, más sanos, más relajados y resistentes. Son mejores para afrontar el estrés, alcanzar sus objetivos y perseverar en los momentos difíciles. Incluso tienen una vida más larga y relaciones más exitosas. Si quieres aprovechar los beneficios que aporta una perspectiva...

Why many therapy clients prefer paying cash?

There are several important reasons why even clients with mental health insurance choose to be a cash-paying client or to pay out of pocket (“cash paying” term means that the client pays the psychologist directly for services provided but the payment can be made not only with cash but most...

Panic Attacks “I’m desperate!”

Did you ever feel like if all of a sudden, out of nowhere, you’re dying? Do you suddenly feel overtaken and overwhelmed by multiple, simultaneous extreme sensations (heart beating, dizziness, fainting, Feeling like you’re having a heart attack, tingling fingers or arms, numbness, chest pressure, etc.)?