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Executive & Individual Coach

Your search for an Executive or Individual Coach stops here. Even successful leaders need guidance, and Dr. Benejam is ready to help. Dr. Benejam has significant experience as a leader himself and with leaders of both large corporations and smaller start-up environments. Dr. Benejam has unique, relevant experience as both psychologist and former successful executive and small business owner. Ready to get started with your coaching? Contact us to get started, or read more about the techniques used below. This can be done in-person or remotely by Zoom, etc.

Executive and Individual Coaching Techniques

When hiring an Executive Coach in Miami it’s important to make sure your plan for growth is personalized. When working with Dr. Benejam, you can expect the following:

Tailored approach to individual using the “GROW” approach:

Goal or end point (“where you want to be”)

Reality (“where you are now, how far are you from your goal”)

Obstacles or Options (“what’s stopping you”, “how to get there”)

Way Forward (Options translated into specific actionable and measurable steps)

Utilization of both psychological and strategic leadership tools. One of the tools utilized is the DISC Assessment that helps in better understanding yourself, help others better understand and communicate with you, and learning to adapt your natural style into different situations. Dr. Benejam is Certified in DISC.

Personalized plan with goals, strategies, programs, milestones and a timeline utilizing our “GROW” approach.

If it’s time to take your career and personal life to the next level, partner with Dr. Benejam as your Miami executive or individual coach. Convenient locations in both Boca Raton and Miami. Also, video conference (Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp etc.) available.

Personalized plan with goals, strategies, programs, milestones and a timeline.

Executive coach in miami
Florida Executive Coach

How to Hire an Executive Coach in Florida

With more people training and more trainers to choose from, choosing an executive coach in Miami can be confusing. There are many life coaches in Miami trying to enter the business world and many former executives who want to consult and mentor, none of which are necessarily suitable for coaching. Buyers and other executives often ask how to navigate the contradictory marketing claims to choose a coach for excellent results and ROI. For best results, do you research. Dr. Benejam brings the experience needed to help you and your executive team succeed.

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