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    Immigration PTSD – What is It? How to Resolve?

    Migration is associated with specific stressors, mainly related to the experience of leaving the country of origin and moving to a new, unfamiliar country. This process is usually associated with multiple stressors (e.g., language, financial pressure, challenging immigration processes, family separation, etc.). These stressors usually contribute to different mental health problems, especially Post Traumatic...

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    Pandemic Trauma: COVID-19 Impact And What to do About It

    Psychological Trauma is defined as a direct threat to one’s life, serious physical injury, sexual violence, and/or witnessing an unexpected death, immediate threat to life, or physical injury to another person. Psychological trauma is common, with estimates of up to 60-85% of people having experienced a trauma within their lifetime. Reactions to a trauma...

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    What is a Traumatic event, have I been Traumatized?

    First of all, any experience is subjective, meaning that how it is perceived by each of us is what matters. A trauma is any event that can affect in a physical, emotional, spiritual, or psychological way. Usually, it is related to the presence of a perceived threat that can be frightening and distressing. When exposed...

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