The grass is blue: Don’t Argue with Donkeys

the grass is blue

Have you ever felt stuck in a fiery argument, hours later realizing you gained nothing but frayed nerves?

In our daily lives, work, home, and especially online, clashes like cymbal crashes and lies disguised as truth turn us into “donkey debaters.”

This timeless fable, whispered through generations, captures the essence of this phenomenon.

Let’s read it!

Fable with a great moral

One morning like any other, a donkey was walking around a tiger. The donkey, jumping and making a lot of fuss, told the tiger insistently:

– Look tiger: the grass is blue.

The tiger, surprised, responded to the obvious:

– No, you are blinded, look carefully, the grass is green.

The argument heated. Seeing the tension, tiger and donkey sought the jungle king, lion, to judge.

Before reaching the clearing where the lion guarded his kingdom, the donkey, with his jumps and fuss, came forward and caught his attention:

– Your Highness, isn’t it true that grass is blue?

The lion raised an eyebrow, and without looking at the donkey, responded:

– True, the grass is blue.

The donkey, emboldened by the “blue grass” claim, puffed up its chest, though deep down it knew it was false.

– The tiger does not agree with me and bothers me with his answers. Please punish him.

The king ruled:

– The tiger will be punished with 2 years of silence.

The donkey jumped happily and continued on its way  happy, braying mockingly:

– Yes, yes, yes, the grass is blue and the tiger will be silent for 2 years!

Surprised, the tiger turned to the lion and asked:

– Your Majesty, why the punishment? After all, the grass is green.

The lion responded, without looking at the tiger either:

– Yes, of course, the grass is green.

The tiger asked again:

– And why have you punished me then?

With a loud roar, the lion responded:

– It has nothing to do with whether the grass is blue or green. The punishment is because I can’t imagine that a brave and intelligent creature, like you, would argue with a donkey.

And even more so, that he comes to bother me with that obvious question.-

An argument ensues, escalating until you reach a wise old sage for a verdict.

To your astonishment, the sage declares, “Yes, the grass is indeed blue!” The donkey beams, while you scratch your head in disbelief.

The wise one, eyes twinkling, whispers to you, “The punishment isn’t for the bluegrass. It’s for wasting time with someone who only sees their twisted reality.”

This, my friends, is the essence of the fable of “The grass is blue.” This timeless tale speaks to the pointlessness of arguing with those so stuck in their beliefs that facts, logic, and even proof matter not.

Like the braying donkey, they stamp their hooves and proclaim their distorted truths, deaf to any discordant note.

As a psychologist, I see this dynamic play out on an alarmingly regular basis. In today’s hyper-connected world, echo chambers abound, amplifying voices that reinforce existing biases and drowning out dissenting opinions.

Social media becomes a battleground where lies run wild and sensible talk gets trampled by digital donkeys.

So, what are we to do in the face of such stubbornness?

Should we engage in endless, soul-crushing debates, hoping to somehow enlighten the unenlightened? Or should we turn our backs and retreat into our green meadows of reality?

The answer, like the grass, is nuanced. The fable does not advocate for blind silence or ignoring injustices. It urges us to discern when engagement is futile and when it will only deplete our precious energy.

Annoyed girl


Here are some guidelines to navigate the landscape of braying donkeys:

  1. Recognize the signs: Is your interlocutor genuinely open to discussion or simply seeking validation for their existing beliefs? Are they resorting to personal attacks or ad hominem instead of reasoned arguments? These are often indicators of a closed mind.
  2. Prioritize your well-being: Engaging with emotionally charged donkeys can be draining. Don’t be afraid to disengage if it threatens your peace of mind. Remember, your mental health is more important than winning a Twitter war.
  3. Choose your battles wisely: Focus your energy on conversations with those who are genuinely open to learning and understanding. Leave the donkeys to their braying, and invest in connecting with those who seek the symphony of truth, not the cacophony of discord.
  4. Shine the light, don’t fight the darkness. Instead of getting bogged down in arguments, use your voice to share knowledge, understanding, and empathy.

    Be the green oasis in the desert of lies.

Remember, the fable’s wise one punished the tiger not for believing the grass was blue, but for wasting time with the donkey.

Likewise, let us not waste our precious time and energy on those who choose to remain blissfully blind.

Let’s cultivate gardens of understanding, nurture seeds of truth, and create ripples of empathy that truly change the world, one green blade at a time.


The wise tiger and the stubborn donkey offer a timeless lesson: not all battles are worth fighting. To argue with those who cling to falsehoods, like the color-blind donkey, is to drain your energy on barren ground.

History echoes this wisdom – countless conflicts have stemmed from mistaking shadows for substance.

So, when faced with those who deny the sun’s warmth or the moon’s glow, remember:

  • Focus your energy wisely: Choose battles where truth and understanding are truly at stake, not where ignorance reigns.
  • Preserve your peace: Save your arguments for those open to reason, not those who revel in willful blindness.
  • Seek understanding, not victory: Dialogue, not diatribe, paves the path to genuine connection and progress.

Use the fable of the donkey and the tiger as your compass, guiding you towards meaningful encounters and leaving fruitless debates behind.

Remember, sometimes the wisest choice is to walk away, your head held high, knowing your time is too precious to waste on shadows.


There is no greater waste of time, effort and peace than arguing with fanatics, stubborn and obstinate, to whom truth or reality matters nothing.

They only pay attention to their beliefs and false illusions about obtaining the winning trophy.

So don’t waste your valuable time on meaningless discussions.

There are those who, due to many demonstrations, evidence and tests, do not have the capacity for understanding, they do not have sufficient evolution; and others are blinded by their big ego, by hatred, or by resentment and their greatest desire is to have reason on their side, even if this is not true.

It is more important to preserve peace and tranquility than to strive to enlighten those who are not prepared!

When ignorance screams, intelligence is silent!

If navigating online interactions or setting healthy boundaries feels tough, don’t hesitate to reach out.

My door, like the wise sage’s clearing, is always open to those seeking guidance and understanding.

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Dr. Benejam