The Fountain of Youth: Revitalize Mental Health with Kids’ Wisdom


The clock starts ticking the minute we’re born. We grow from babes to toddlers, children to teens, and finally enter the world of adulthood. Somewhere along the way, we lose touch with the very things that once brought us joy, helping us weather any storm.

Kids live their lives unencumbered by the stresses and responsibilities piled onto adults. Their youthful resilience and carefree attitudes allow them to bounce back from hardship with ease. Their innate wisdom shows us that prioritizing playtime, creativity, relationships, and living in the present safeguards mental health.

If we look closely at the lifestyle of kids, we can extract priceless lessons to tend to our emotional well-being at any age. Read on to discover five mental health tips used by kids that adults should adopt.

Kids Live in the Present

While adults dwell on the past and obsess about the future, kids live vibrantly in the now. Their complete immersion in each moment allows them to extract the most joy from every experience. Practicing mindfulness helps us recapture this youthful presence.

Being fully engaged in the present blocks out rumination and anxiety. It enables you to observe details you normally overlook, find amusement in ordinary moments, and approach people and experiences with fresh eyes. Living in the now brings your fast-paced life into focus one breath at a time.

Come Back to the Present

  • Notice what you smell, see, hear, taste right now
  • Describe objects around you in detail
  • Focus completely on current tasks
  • Observe sensations in your body

Make a habit of recentering yourself in the present whenever your mind wanders. The richness of each moment will shine through when you give it your full attention.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

The melodic sounds of children’s laughter brighten up any room. Their ability to find humor and joy in the simplest of things is unmatched. On average, kids laugh a whopping 300 times per day, while adults chuckle only 17 times daily.

As responsibilities weigh us down, we take life far too seriously, forgetting how to let loose and play. Making laughter a priority again can profoundly impact mental health. It boosts circulation, eases anxiety, strengthens relationships, and fills your body with feel-good endorphins.

Add More Laughs to Your Day

  • Watch a funny movie or comedy special
  • Share jokes and funny stories with friends
  • Seek out humor around you
  • Have a regular laugh session

Adding more giggles and guffaws to your day keeps worries at bay. Approach life with a sense of playfulness. Find the punchline in everyday situations. Laugh loud and laugh often to uplift your mood instantly.

Try it! Listen to the following audios and see how you smile without realizing it…children’s laughter is contagious!

Imagination Ignites Creativity

Children have wild and boundless imaginations, seeing wonder in everything around them. They transcend the limits of reality, transporting to exciting new worlds where anything is possible. As we grow older, our imaginations center on envisioning worst-case scenarios, evoking fear and anxiety.

Reigniting your imagination and using it intentionally releases feel-good hormones that calm the mind. Visualizing positive outcomes for challenging situations provides a sense of control. Your imagination also enables you to time travel, revisiting your favorite memories whenever you desire an emotional boost.

Ways to Flex Your Imagination Muscle

  • Daydream about your perfect vacation
  • Envision how you will celebrate your next birthday
  • Picture yourself accomplishing a challenging goal
  • Imagine a positive resolution for any worry

Your imagination holds tremendous power. Use it to add beauty, joy, and possibility to your days.


Relationships Anchor Us

For kids, friends are everything. They spend hours playing, talking, laughing, and exploring the world together. Humans yearn for connection. Isolation frays mental health while close relationships nurture and sustain us emotionally.

As you juggle work, family life, and other obligations, don’t let your relationships fall by the wayside.

Set aside time for loved ones as you would any other priority. Share your inner world. Ask about theirs. Bond through laughter and fun. Let the people in your life know they matter.

Strengthen Your Social Ties

  • Schedule regular dates or outings with friends
  • Share joys, worries, milestones with loved ones
  • Extend warmth and kindness daily
  • Deepen connections through vulnerability

The love of others buoys us when life gets rocky. Make your people a focal point just like kids do.

Asking for Help is a Superpower

Kids have no qualms about seeking help from caregivers. They reach for a hand to hold crossing the street, ask for a push on the swing, and crawl into mom’s lap when they scrape a knee. As adults, we view asking for assistance as weakness. In truth, it requires tremendous courage and strength.

You don’t have to tackle problems alone. Support is all around you.

Let trusted people into your world. Be honest about your pain points. Receive love, advice, reassurance and encouragement from others.

Boosting your mood is as simple as admitting you need help sometimes.

Give Asking for Help a Try

  • Tell a friend you’re struggling
  • Lean on family when life overwhelms
  • Seek professional support if needed
  • Remember asking for help shows strength

Look to the children in your life. Their ability to raise their hand and say “I need help” models emotional wellness for us all. You have an entire support system ready to lift you up.

The boundless energy, infectious laughter, and carefree spirit of kids seem to vanish as we grow older. But their secret sauce for joy, resilience, and stellar mental health can be ours too.

Follow their lead. Let loose your imagination. Make time for play. Absorb each moment. Surround yourself with people you love. Ask for support when you need it.

Implementing these strategies builds a life anchored in peace and possibility. Reclaim your inner child. Tend carefully to your mental health. Let joy rise up and laughter flow freely once more.

I’m Dr. Gustavo Benejam, a licensed psychologist helping adults recapture the secrets to mental wellness by studying our wisest teachers – kids. Connect with me to continue the conversation!

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Call NOW Dr. Benejam
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Call NOW Dr. Benejam
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Call NOW Dr. Benejam
and schedule your appointment
to get a Psychological Evaluation!