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Tips To Deal With Anger For Teenagers

Miami, FL (PRUnderground) January 5th, 2023

Adolescence is the transitional period between childhood and adulthood when youths undergo tremendous changes physically, emotionally, and socially. During this period, they will develop a state of questioning their independence and identity which will eventually make them feel that they are being judged by everyone, develop their insecurities, and start to grapple with them. When such things wobble their balance in life, they tend to get irritated and angry over those around them. As parents of teens, their behavioral changes can make you worry about your children, but if you support them with proper guidance, you can definitely set them back on track.



We reached out to Gustavo Benejam, a ThreeBestRated® awarded psychologist to get to know about anger management techniques for teenagers. Here’s what he says.

Sleep: As teenagers will have a strong temptation to stay awake at night for a long time either for homework or to chit-chat with their friends, they lack adequate sleep which causes low energy and irritability.

As sleep is essential for their cognitive & emotional development and physical health, teens must sleep for 8 hours a day.

Exercise: Exercise is a key to living healthier both physically and emotionally as it has been proven to reduce stress and feel better. Exercise calms down the mind and stimulates endorphin production (the feel-good hormone) which improves social wellness and keeps the anger caused by anxiety/social stress at bay.

Balance Activities: As teenagers have to balance academic work, socialization, chores & responsibilities, and family & friends, they will undergo significant stress in their adolescent period. To address all these areas without becoming stressed, they have to be good at planning and decision-making, and they have to work on improving these qualities.

Connecting With Self: Developing emotional intelligence is quite challenging for teenagers as there is no formal education on emotional intelligence and learning to be self-aware of thoughts, feelings, and sensations. However, when they learn this, they can easily identify the potential issues that might be affecting their mood, self-esteem, socialization, etc…

Communication Skills: Excellent communication skills are important for teenagers to socialize/interact well with others. Learning skills like how to ask for help, how to argue, etc will help them avoid misunderstandings and disputes that result in anger.


All these things help teenagers to deal with anger to the hilt – said Benejam.

In addition, as said, as the teenage is the most crucial stage of one’s life, proper mentorship is needed to deal with anger and irritability. It is more common for children to hesitate to talk with their parents; in such cases, a professional psychologist will help your children to cultivate a better future. Benejam is one such highly renowned psychologist in Miami, Florida dealing with people to wear down their mental issues. He can assist you in healing your issues.

Why Gustavo Benejam:

Gustavo Benejam is an experienced clinical Psychologist, trained in CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), and hypnosis. Having had experience in offering extensive treatments and therapies, he has helped a myriad of teenagers, adults, elders, and immigrants in bringing their mental stability back. He is humble and patient enough to listen to his every client keenly, understand their needs, and direct them in their healing journey. He takes ample time to understand his client’s needs so as to tailor the treatment according to that by applying and adapting different proven techniques: CBT, EMDR, and Hypnosis.

Most significantly he incorporates his treatment with dignity and respect as he says “I always keep in mind that I am dealing with another human being who deserves being treated with respect, care, and professionalism”. He has been providing his services with professionalism and in a caring way. Not only his clients, but he has huge respect for his competitors too. His humbleness and unique way of approaching clients have gained him many awards that have made him crack a strict 50-Point Inspection of ThreeBestRated® to be featured as one of the top psychologists in Miami.

He relies on two most important criteria—well-being and satisfaction of clients—that deepens trust over him in his client’s heart. He has experience in assisting clients to help themselves grow, and achieve the best things in their life. Without having a need to talk with any intermediates, his clients can directly talk to him as he answers all the calls. This is one such instance to show how dedicated he is towards his profession and clients. So to get in touch with him, click here:

Benejam, about ThreeBestRated® says that it provides extremely useful information by selecting the best professionals in each area that assures potential new clients receive the best possible quality care. He offers consultation for sleep problems, traumas, cognitive behavioral therapy, parenting, anxiety, chronic health, bipolar disorder, marriage, and immigration psychological evaluations.

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