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Ayuda De Inmigración

United States Citizenship and Immigration ServicesHardship Waivers

A citizen or resident of the United States (USA) can apply for an immigration waiver for a qualifying family member. For this reason, it is critical that you can prove that any deportation or relocation of the qualifying relative can cause “Extreme Hardship” to the US citizen or resident. A relative qualifies if it includes the husband or wife, children, parents or married couple of the same sex (under DOMA – Defense of Marriage Act).

“Extreme Hardship” is not clearly defined under American law. As part of this, “Extreme Hardship” requires that it be established as a degree of difficulty beyond the typical difficulty associated with deportation. But there are no factors that the judge a representative of the immigration authorities (United States Citinzenship and Immigration Services – USCIS) takes into account in each case individually. Even when there is no single factor that establishes the level of “Extreme Hardship”, the combined effect of different difficulties can be taken into account and be sufficient as a whole to establish this level.

Some factors that can help in establishing “Extreme Hardship” for a US citizen or resident may include family separation, negative economic and financial effects, medical and mental health conditions, security and environmental issues in the country, difficulties in a new country. , lack of adequate education and medical care, etc.

Una evaluación psicológica puede ayudar apoyar y fortalecer el caso cuando se quiere establecer “Extreme Hardship”. Como parte de la evaluación, se lleva a cabo una entrevista detallada para identificar los factores históricos relevantes y las situaciones y condiciones actuales relevantes en adición a múltiples instrumentos y pruebas psicológicas.
Este proceso ayuda a evaluar el impacto de las distintas dificultades extremas que pueden aplicar a cada caso. El reporte final incluye todos los componentes previos. La evaluación psicológica ayuda a establecer las dificultades que puedan estar asociadas con el que el solicitante se mueva a otro país o se mantenga en los Estados Unidos sin el extranjero(a) o el familiar calificado.

La exención debido a dificultades extremas puede pueden solicitarse a través de distintos formularios: Form I-601 y I-601(a) para “Extreme Hardship Waivers”; INA 212 & 216 para exención de no ser admisible por ciertos cargos criminales, fraudes o tergiversación de información; la visa de “fiancée”; y la correspondiente a la esposa(o) abusado como auto-solicitante.

Violence Against Women Act

VAWA (Acta de Violencia Contra La Mujer)

VAWA le permite a la víctima de violencia doméstica por parte de la pareja casada (puede incluir abusos verbales, emocionales, físicos y sexuales) a continuar con un proceso legal de inmigración sin la necesidad de qué el perpetrador (ciudadano or residente de USA) continue apoyando o solicitando a la víctima. Esto protege a la víctima de abuso entre (inmigrante) de tener que someterse a un abuso significativo para poder lograr y completar el proceso de migración de forma legal.

Este caso como la evaluación psicológica puede evaluar el estado mental emocional de la víctima y determinar el grado de trauma y defectos negativos (mentales emocionales) asociado con el abuso doméstico marital. Cada caso es distinto y la evaluación psicológica puede ser aplicada a múltiples categorías que incluyen abuso verbal, coaccionar, manipulación, intimidación, abuso físico, abuso sexual, etc. Utilizando el proceso adecuado junto a las pruebas y cuestionarios necesarias, la oración psicológica podrá asesorar de manera correcta el impacto que la uso está teniendo o a tenido sobre el estado mental y emocional, o sobre en el nivel de funcionamiento, o sobre la condición médica y/o psicológica. En dicha evaluación puede también evaluar el impacto a largo plazo del abuso sostenido por largo tiempo. Usualmente este tipo de abuso contribuye a enfermedades mentales significativas (por ejemplo, depresión, ataques de pánico, estado de ansiedad generalizado, PTSD, etc.).

Este proceso puede apoyar los casos de VAWA (I-360) y otras situaciones de abuso. La evaluación psicológica evaluará el efecto e impacto que ha tenido el abuso del perpetrador por el ciudadano o residente de USA sobre el inmigrante (víctima) quien está en su proceso de inmigración.

Asilo Político O Particular A Un Grupo Social

Particular Social Group – PSGAs in the previous cases, a psychological evaluation can be a critical part in supporting the negative impact of persecution and abuse in a foreign country. In some cases, the victim is considered as a Particular Social Group (“Particular Social Group – PSG”) that is considered as a group that is identifiable and seen by the government of the foreign country as a threat (this may be related to sexual orientation , political affiliation, dissidents, family ties, former members of the military branch, etc.). As part of the psychological evaluation, negative effects are also identified as a consequence of the persecution, the mental and emotional state of the victim, and the future prospects of continuing to be exposed to this persecution. There are critical elements that are used to support asylum: 1) established fear as a result of the persecution; 2) based on past persecution or the risk of future persecution of having to return to their country of origin; 3) because the applicant is a member of a particular social group (PSG); 4) The perpetrator or persecutor is a government agent or a person who is not an agent of the government but who the government is unable or unwilling to control.

Citizenship Examination Waiver – Form N-648

The person who is applying for American citizenship as part of the naturalization process has to take an exam to show adequate knowledge on specific subjects (English proficiency, American history, and civil requirements).

However, the immigration authorities (USCIS) allow an exemption to a person from having to take an examination under appointment circumstances that are related to mental and / or medical conditions. It is not accomplished through a qualified professional (eg, physician, psychologist) who can complete Form N-648 (the Medical Exemption Certification). The exemption must be medically determined in relation to physical or mental functioning limits or a combination of limitations that have lasted or are expected to last for at least 12 months. However, these impediments cannot be related to illegal drug use.

Based on this, the psychological relationship will be able to evaluate any physical, developmental, increase impediment that may interfere or affect the concentration, memory, attention process or learning ability of the person. Once the process is completed, the qualified professional must complete the N-648 form supporting the exemption recommendation so that this person does not have to take the citizenship test.

Urgent Immigration Assessments

Exemptions from Deportation and evaluations under VAWA include the full report and can be completed within 48 hours after the interview with the affected party and the interview can be conducted either in person or remotely (Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp , etc.) if necessary under certain conditions.

Urgent Immigration AssessmentsAssessments are comprehensive and include: Mental Assessment, Questionnaires (Depression, Anxiety, PTSD), Mini-Mental Status Examination, MMPI-2RF, TONI-4 (Intelligence), RBANS (Cognitive Functioning), Health Anxiety Questionnaire , Questionnaires to assess Domestic Violence and Abuse, Cognitive Assessments, etc., as needed. All of these questionnaires were available in both English and Spanish.

Dr Benejam, Psy.D. is a Florida Licensed Clinical Psychologist and has completed a significant number of immigration evaluations and is fully bilingual (English and Spanish). Dr. Benejam has traveled extensively throughout Latin America, living in Venezuela and Mexico. There are offices in Boca Raton and in Miami, Florida. Dr. Benejam participates in all steps of this process himself and also answers all calls directly.

And another considers the benefits of an Immigration Psychological Evaluation you may have some questions …

Does the psychological evaluation guarantee specific results?

No one can guarantee results associated with any immigration or citizenship process. However, there are different factors that are associated with a successful outcome. First, it is highly recommended that any applicant or interested party consult with a specialized immigration attorney. This will ensure that the process is properly directed from the beginning in what can become a complicated and challenging process. However, having a well-done psychological evaluation along with your report can significantly support and aid your immigration process under any of the options described above.

Is the expense and time invested in the psychological process necessary?

My suggestion is that you consult this question with your attorney. However, to the extent of the case, as mentioned above, having a solid psychological evaluation can provide objective and meaningful support in a case that qualifies payment for any of the conditions for situations.

How long does it take to complete the psychological evaluation process?

Depending on the complexity of your situation and the number of people affected (for example, if there are children, other adults who also need to be evaluated), the evaluation process from start to finish, including the initial interview until a final report is available it may take only several days. We can also discuss a “rush” process depending on your needs.

What happens because the psychological report has been completed?

(Once the report is completed, we ask the applicant to review the report to confirm that all details, historical information, etc. are correct. Once the applicant approves, a copy of the report is sent to their attorney. In the process, the applicant must approve the sharing of reporting information with their attorney.

Your Immigration Status Is Very Important To You And Your Family, And Your Future

Taking the right steps can make a big difference in your life. Resolving your immigration status can help you live in peace so that you can focus all your energy on your future and the well-being of your family. As part of this process, getting the best possible evaluation to support your case is extremely important. We are here to work with you and ready to answer any questions as we identify the next steps to take.

I answer ALL my calls directly and I am fully bilingual (English and Spanish). We have convenient locations in Miami and Boca Raton, and in some cases, we have the ability to complete assessments remotely through the use of simple and effective technology (Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, etc.). Call us to start your process!

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