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Immigration Assistance in Miami

Looking for assistance with your immigration process here in Miami? Dr. Benejam is prepared to help you, whether you must file for hardship, acquire a citizen examination waiver or seek help during a domestic violence situation. Effective, caring and speedy Immigration help in Miami can be hard to find, but Dr. Benejam is proud to explain and assist with the immigration process. Dr. Benejam has attained a proven, success rate in multiple cases helping families in staying together.


Hardship Waivers (601 and 601A Waivers, CR1 or IR1 Visa, Cancellation of Removal, Fraud or Willful Misrepresentation, Battered Spouse Self-Petitioner, etc.): Preventing a deportation of a relative of a citizen or resident of the United States if the deportation causes extreme hardship. We assess the emotional, social,and psychological impact of a potential deportation to support extreme hardship conditions. The assessments include both scenarios: the inability of the Applicant to reside in the USA without the foreigner or the issues preventing the Applicant to move to another country.


VAWA (Violence Against Women Act), Battered Spouse Self-Petitioner, Spousal or Domestic Abuse: Psychological evaluations are centered on foreigner who is or has been abused by spouse who is a citizen or legal resident of the USA. The evaluation documents and measures the consequences of abuse through use of recognized, valid instruments that can include Depression, PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), Anxiety, and/or major Adjustment impairments.


Citizenship Examination Waiver (N-648): Certification for disability exemption has to be provided by qualified professional such as licensed psychologist. Evaluation and report assess any physical, developmental, emotional and/or mental deficit(s) that interferes with the individual’s ability to take the examination (e.g. memory, processing, concentration, retrieval, ability to learn issues). Specific, validated instruments are utilized to measure and support the nature and severity of any impairment or deficit.