This is done following a methodical and scientific process that includes the Clinical Interview and the administration and scoring of valid psychological instruments. The information and results of this process are then integrated into a report that clearly identifies the severe risks associated with a potential removal. This applies not only to the immigrant but also, in some hardship cases, to family members that are USA Citizens/Residents who would be severely affected by a possible removal.

The end result of this process not only helps in establishing a strong, positive case for the immigrants and their families but also helps in identifying areas that need to be addressed. Specifically, the hardships that most immigrants and their families endure very often contribute to multiple, possible mental health issues. It is highly common to find the presence of depression, anxiety, and PTSD in these groups. The Immigration Evaluation also helps in identifying these illnesses and, importantly, in recommending specific treatments.

In the end, the goal is to help the immigrants and their families not only remain in the USA but also to feel fully integrated and part of this great nation.

The best-proven path to resolve immigration situations is to consult with an immigration attorney and then, as applicable, leverage the power and benefits of a professional Immigration Psychological Evaluation.