How to build healthy, romantic relationship?

Having a romantic relationship can be very fulfilling, rewarding, and enjoyable. However, getting there requires not only the initial chemistry and connection associated with the infatuation stage but ensuring that there are other factors are built, developed, and nurtured throughout the relationship.

Having a healthy relationship is very doable but requires some conscious efforts that should be part of our day-to-day.

Respect: What an important word! Respect encompasses several aspects. It entails, of course, treating each other with respect (avoiding any kind of abuse whether through words or actions). It also involves, acting in a respectful way all the time even when you are not with your loved one. Respect becomes a key foundation to building up a strong, healthy romantic relationship.

With respect ever present, there are three important pillars in any relationship: Commitment, Intimacy, and Passion. Commitment is meaning what you say, it’s fulfilling promises, and it’s being willing to stick through difficult and rocky times. It is unrealistic to expect that all is going to be smooth. Life and relationships face challenges (financial, work, distance, children and family, friends, interests, etc.). It’s how we manage ourselves through these times by showing the will and choice and desire to remain focused on working together in solving and overcoming challenges.

Intimacy is connection. Usually, when a couple has problems, is it really about an emotional disconnect? Intimacy is being able to be yourself, and share who you are while also expecting and supporting the same from your partner (all with Respect). It is about sharing our experiences, our dreams, and our challenges and allowing ourselves to become vulnerable and supported by our loved ones.

Passion is an integral part of the relationship and refers more to the physical part of it but should not be limited only to the moment of sex. Passion is carried through each day by being affectionate, showing our emotions, and by feeling physically connected to each other.

These three pillars are necessary and finding the right balance can be tricky but it’s necessary. Just like a tripod is extremely stable (that’s why tripods are used for photographing, for its stability), these three pillars, when present in the right mix, can help build and nurture your relationship. Share these thoughts with your loved one, talk about how you feel about Respect and the 3 Pillars (Commitment, Intimacy, and Passion), and this can be the beginning of a new chapter in your relationship!

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