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EMDR Treatment in Miami

Desensitization and treatment of eye movement ( EMDR ) is a complex psychotherapy method, combining a range of therapeutic approaches with eye movements or other forms of rhythmic stimulation in a way that stimulates brain information processing. Treatment with EMDR has significantly reduced or eliminated PLP, reduced depression and PTSD symptoms to subclinical levels, and significantly reduced or eliminated PLP – related and heart disease – free pain in the long term. Desensitization and re – treatment of eye movement was introduced in 1989 as a post – traumatic stress disorder ( PTSD ) treatment.To learn more about EMDR, read below.  Ready to start treatment? Contact us today. 

EMDR Treatment

Desensitization and re – treatment of the eyes ( EMDR ) is a psychotherapy treatment originally designed to alleviate the suffering of traumatic memory. Research on the method and its application has continued to grow, making EMDR an increasingly popular technique for the treatment of mental disorders. EMDR therapy shows that the mind is able to heal from mental trauma, just as the body recovers from physical trauma. After successful treatment with EMDR therapy, emotional suffering is reduced, negative beliefs are reformulated and physiological stimulation is reduced.