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    How much should I pay for psychotherapy?

    Whenever we think of buying any goods or services, we ask not only about the product or service. But also, we ask: How much? What’s the price? It makes sense to do so. There are three types of purchases. One is when we simply need to buy it, when it is a necessity. For...

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    We’re approaching the one-year anniversary of the onset of the current COVID-19 nightmare. These have become long, painful months at many levels. The casualties of human lives, the health threats and issues, social isolation. The impact of the pandemic has been cumulative and it’s affecting most of us. The increase in anxiety and depression...

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    A meltdown is a sudden loss of emotional control that is often expressed in the wrong way. We might be going through our day and a simple hiccup throws you off! You stub you toe or spilled your coffee and, a hulk-type reaction erupts. Meltdowns are not random or just happen out of nowhere....

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    Mid Life Crisis, Myth or Reality? Dr Benejam

    We spend the “first half” of our lives focused on conquering the world…. and then, the “second half” conquering our spirits, ourselves! This transition of focus or sometimes called Mid Life Crisis is associated with other factors (e.g. losses, disappointments, setbacks, crises, successes, changes, sense of emptiness, etc.) sometimes brings about significant dissonance. This...

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    Summer is over and now Back-to-School time!

      Summer brings the opportunity to spend extended time with family and friends. It is about travel, fun, and enjoyment. Children look forward to summer after a long school year that is full of work and challenges. Many participate in Summer Camps or mix different fun activities. It’s a time for making new friends...

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    Why many therapy clients prefer paying cash?

    There are many benefits of being a “cash” or “out-of-pocket” client! There are several important reasons why even clients with mental health insurance choose to be a cash-paying client or to pay out of pocket (“cash paying” term means that the client pays the psychologist directly for services provided but the payment can be...

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    Why Hypnosis, it’s actually cool!

    The big “H” word… yes, Hypnosis. Hypnosis has almost a magical connotation and has been portrayed in movies and in stage hypnosis to be what it is not. First, realize that in stage hypnosis, the volunteers have compliance, peer pressure, and other factors working in favor of volunteers acting “silly”. In reality, we have...

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    Why Therapy?

    “Anyone can learn on their own”….”I can figure it out on my own, I always have”… These are common statements and thoughts that people express in questioning why the need for therapy. The reality is that, yes, we can all figure it out. The question is how fast and how effective? When you have...

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